Near Total Failure with!

I’m new to Jitsi. It seemed easy to use so i gave it a try.
-First try: win-10 computer-Chrome initiated the meeting to iPhone. The people on the iPhone could see and hear me I couldn’t see or hear them.
-Second try: Android phone initiated to iPhone – after a bit of fiddling, this worked.
-Third try: Win-10-Chrome initiated to Chromebook-Chrome. Nothing worked. The chromebook was unable to access the camera and neither voice nor video came through on either end.
-Third try, variant: Firefox on the win-10 end. Voice came through from Chromebook. Nothing else worked.

I’d love to use Jitsi … any ideas on how to fix this?
Many thanks!

I have a self host instance, and it works great with iphone, chromebook, windows 10 chrome. I haven’t tested with firefox. my guess, may be over utilized right now with everyone using it, or testing it.

This shouldd give you no trouble at all. Any chance you can get the JavaScript console logs when you try again?

Saghul – Sure, where do I find those logs?

Open your browser console, it’s usually uner the Developer Tools menu. Paste us everything you see there.

I’m trying to figure out what has been happening and finding that I cannot access the camera, even locally with the “Camera” app on either computer that I used to try out – one is Win-10 the other is a chromebook.

Could Jitsi have done something that locked these cameras? They were both working before my attempt to use Jitsi.


Sounds like a browser bug. Does it persist after a restart of the computer?

Thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled the camera – still no camera. When I run the CAMERA app, the camera light goes on but it shows:

I’m getting the same symbol on Zoom, Skype, etc.

I’ve also updated and restarted the Chromebook but its camera also doesn’t work since testing Jitsi.

I appreciate it doesn’t help, but Jitsi is “just” a website. I can’t see how it could have impacted your camera in this way :frowning:

Yes, I understand that, but very suspicious that both computers now have inoperative cameras!! It could be something else but hard to imagine what.



I completely understand! Sorry I don’t have anything helpful to offer here :frowning:

looks like you disable camera access within windows 10. Go into camera privacy settings and make sure “all apps to access camera” or soomething like that is enabled. The check to make sure the application itself has access enabled for it.

Thanks, checking that I see everything looks normal. What do you mean by "
make sure the application itself has access enabled for it" ? Jitsi isn’t an application.

Also, very strange that cameras on two computers with two different OSes (Win-10, Chrome-OS) both have failed cameras at the same time???

Any thoughts on how to solve this would be much appreciated.



make sure the application “chrome” or “firefox” etc has access to the camera

Unfortunately, that’s not the problem – the cameras on both computers are completely dead – the local camera apps don’t work, zoom, doesn’t work, …!

I just did a powerwash on the Chromebook and that didn’t help either. I also uninstalled both chrome and firefox on the win-10 machine and that also didn’t help.



That is is highly unusual @edtegGG - On macOS i’d tell you to go ahead and kill VDCAssistant, but I have no idea about what to do on Windows. Jitsi just uses the camera API provided by the browser, I have no clue what could have gone wrong there…

Try Skype Meet now. See if it resets your camera.

Good suggestion,but no luck. The camera is still dead.



Do you have a external USB camera you can try?

The win-10 camera started working again! No clue as to why. I was using the Lenovo app to look for their tech support and it asked for camera permission. I turned it on and the camera was back working!! The Chromebook still isn’t working … maybe some magic will work there.

I still have no idea whether Jitsi had anything to do with this – the timing was suspicious but no other evidence.

Many thanks to all of you for your responses.