Navigate to next page for more users

We have deployed dockerized jitsi setup. Assume 8 users join. How many users will be diplayed in single page. Imagine 20 more users joined and total users in conference are not 28. I am assuming Jitsi will not show all 28 in one page and just like zoom there will be a way to navigate to next page to view next set of users.
How to control how many users are shown on a single page before the arrow to navigate to next page is shown.

Any help here is appreciated. thanks

sorry for being a nag.
I wanted to understand how to limit the number of users visible on the screen. So e.g. if there are 30 participants in the meeting, only show 10 participants video and show a right arrow key. When right arrow key is clicked, show the next 10 users with right arrow key. When this right arrow key is clicked, show the last 10 users video.

Is there a setting which allows doing this? Does lastN provide this effect?
Also does it help limit the amount of data being sent to your browser?

In config.js:

tileView: {
    numberOfVisibleTiles: 25