Natted jitsi-meet crashes

Hi, I’m trying to install a Jitse-meet with Jibri recording module, but when I get a second connection (not from LAN), all users get disconnected after a few seconds.
I look for solutions but all I found was about the firewall and NAT_HARVESTER local and public configuration. I’ve already try this.


  • Port Forwarding is correctly configurated
  • No firewall blocking ports
  • private and public configuration is OK on videobridge/

I was checking all logs, and found something thats seems to be wrong on /var/log/jitsi/jvb.log:

2020-07-13 16:57:03.041 INFORMACIÓN: [47] [confId=72ea348f4b602c11 gid=ff158c stats_id=Karianne-TCd conf_name=testconnection2 ufrag=1pk3h1ed4s11qd epId=d157985f local_ufrag=1pk3h1ed4s11qd] ConnectivityCheckClient$ Pair failed: -> (stream-d157985f.RTP)

I found lot of these messages, is local Jistsi server’s IP, and is my private IP address (from different LAN).

Question: Shoudn’t I get -> PUBLIC_IP:52699/udp/host insted of private?

If you have any question or other information from logs to help me, I’ll answer you.


yes, you should. If you don’t it’s probably that what you have already ‘tried’ is not quite correct.
Try this:

sudo systemctl stop jitsi-videobridge2
nc -l 10000 -u
echo "123" | nc -u (your public address) 10000

you should see a 123 appear on the server console. If not, you did not quite try correctly.