NAT --> HAproxy --> JITSI server

Dear all,
I’m trying to install HAProxy (2.x) between the firewall (with NAT enabled) and an internal JITSI Server (Debian10 , nginx).
When I connect directly the firewall (NAT) to the Jitsi Server, Jitsi works without issues (Audio / Video ok, more then 3 people connected etc etc etc … ). When I put the HAProxy, web interface works but NO AUDIO / VIDEO starts. This seems to be related to UDP 10000 not routed in the backend (tcpdump installed in the jitsi node doesn’t trap requestes with dst port 10000, instead, it’s works when connected “directly” to the firewall).

I used the templated shared in this post

frontend main_bridge
bind *:10000-20000
timeout client 60000
option logasap
log global
mode tcp
maxconn 20000
default_backend bridge-server

backend bridge-server
balance source
stick-table type string len 256 size 200k expire 120m
stick on url_param(room) table web-server
option httpchk GET /about/health
http-check expect status 200
hash-type consistent
mode tcp
timeout connect 6000
timeout server 60000
server conf1-bridge1 check port 8080

Any idea? thanks


So, you cannot handle UDP/10000 packets using haproxy

ok, so . any idea? which load balacing should I use?

What load exactly are you looking to balance?

currently I have one single node, I need to define a second one to manage more rooms and connections.

In that case, you just need to add another JVB. Jicofo does an excellent job of balancing the JVBs, so you don’t need HAProxy.