Name of person leaving conference is sometimes wrong

I am running my own Jitsi Meet instance.
Also mostly everything works finde.
But than I discovered something strange:
E.g. there are three persons in a meeting: A did create the conference, than B joined and than C joined.
If C leaves the meeting A and B gets the message that C has left.
But if B leaves the meeting first the name of A or C is shown as the person that hast left!
In the logs and also in javascript console the right name is shown!
Only the name that is displayed on screen is not alright.
I am running release 2.0.6726 )December the 10th last year).

Does anybody else do have the same problem?

IIRC we solved such an issue, so this should not happen on a more recent release. Can you reproduce it with ?

I will test it today (sorry but Corona got me finally, sorry for the late reply. Also I did not get any notification that somebody answered this thread) does not show me any name if somebody leaves or enters the meeting. So I cannot test it there.

I think does.

I am using Jitsi 2.0.6865-2 version and I am having the same issue that when a user leaves, the notification shows "user1 and user 2 left " where only user 1 is left and user 2 is still on call. Also sometimes shows the wrong name when the user left the meeting