Name of meeting prior to date

I am new to this. I would like to announce a meeting say a week before it happens with a chosen title. So then on the day/time allocated will that title still work to log in?
Or do I have to tell participants the title say 10 minutes before meeting starts?

Thank you

just make your own title. like and make it that people have to wait for the host to join.

Thanks - I would prefer to tell them a week or so before with the title of meeting - is that possible?

Yes, just use any of the random generated link name as if you use some short name you can collide.

This is how the calendar integration works, you create an event in the calendar inviting people and adding a random url to the calendar event and you can schedule this calendar event to be weekly or monthly or whatever you want and use the same url, every time.

Thank you:)

Hey Damian, is it possible that I edit the calender integration for my personal jitsi server?


Am having an issue with manifest.json