Name entered in the lobby screen is not being updated on the tile of the user joining from lobby

I’ve setup the lobby feature as instructed here

, following the instructions for the guest domain and everything is working perfectly save for one detail.

Say, Mark is the moderator of the meeting and he enables the lobby feature.
Steve comes in as a regular user, enters his name in the lobby screen.
To Mark, it shows Steve is asking permission to enter, and he allows it.

Now on Steve’s screen, he can see both his name and Mark’s name (in the tile view).
Mark however can see only his name. The name of Steve is not updated on his tile and appears as ‘Fellow Jitster’.

Has anyone else encountered this and does anyone have a solution?

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@palas94, even I’m seeing this exact issue. It happens only when I have lobby mode enabled.

@damencho, please help.

The same issue here.

I see just another thing - if user previously set his name in another jitsi meet (Steve), name is displayed correctly. But if Steve want to change his name in welcome screen of lobby, (eg. to Steve Ballmer), all other users and moderators see still only Steve and I think there is an reason of Fellow Jitster - no name was previously set so the old one (nil - Fellow Jitster) is used.

If user (Steve) just tap to his name on his screen, the name is updated and everybody see right name.

Is there any solution?

Do you have prejoin enabled?

With enabled pre-join, the situation is ok.

This was fixed in latest versions fix: Lobby display name set when preJoin is disabled. Fixes #8415. · jitsi/jitsi-meet@f1e06bf · GitHub

Nice! Thank you for your reply!