MyFritz as DynDNS: Value for domain?

Hi all,

I’m new to Jitsi. We found the solution based on the current covid challenges. We want to use it for some family contact / sessions.

I decided to use this Jitsi project as a practical learning course (hands on) to extend my server and linux knowledge (therefore a self hosted solution). I know that using an already existing version is much easier (and we do it in the meantime) but I want to learn something, therefore I’m trying to create my own instace.

By reading through the manuals I noticed that I have to define a domain durring installation. My server is running “at home” without a big domain service.

To make the server accessable, I want to use the MyFritz service. I registered my fritz box for this service and recieved a adress for my fritzbox:

My Questions:

  1. During installation: what shall I enter as domain? the completet text: “generatedID[dot]myfritz[dot]net” or only “myfritz[dot]net”.
  2. Do I have to rename my “server” to the generatedID from Myfritz?

Many Thanks and KR


Hi Neil,

I tried a few thinks and need to come back to you. works for let’s encrypt certificate creation. But: opening the URL in the browser leads me to my fritzbox login page. leads me to my jitsi (and it’s working) but I cannot create a let’s encrypt certificate with this.

To check the other approach I did a complete purge uninstall of jitsi.

Any Ideas where my error is?
Thx and KR