My Private Chat Room Name Was Hacked

My private chat that i used to speak to my ex boyfriend was guessed and apparently we were watched and recorded by someone in another country for 6 months. He was in there unnoticed. A person he showed this too found me and reached out and let me know since the conversations were so private. What can i do to get logs of users in the chat for my police department when filing a report.

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So, this is not very clear. I’m assuming these meetings were held on In that case, what do you mean “He was in there unnoticed”? A person can’t be in a meeting unnoticed (this is actually one of the principal mission drivers for the project). Now, if you didn’t create a password or enable the lobby feature to control who gets into the meeting, it’s possible that someone else could indeed join the meeting (they’d of course have to know the room-name first). However, even if they do access the meeting, you’d be able to see them listed as a participant. So, that’s why the “unnoticed” bit is confusing to me.

Furthermore, if they tried to record using the recording feature on the platform, you’d have been notified. Of course, that doesn’t mean a participant can’t employ other means of recording a meeting once in it.

As per logs, there are none - particularly over that stretch of time. Meeting logs are somewhat ephemeral, meaning they only exist for a short period after the meeting - and that’s for the logs that are even available.

If you ask me, honestly, I think someone is lying to you. Either this ‘random’ person who contacted you or your ex-boyfriend is playing some kind of prank on you. But what’s certain is that the scenario you’ve painted is practically impossible.

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Another possibility is that the watcher had access Tiffany’s or her boyfriend’s computer and the recording action happened not through Jitsi but directly on their computers.