My phones cannot connect with the browser

Hi dear community,
I am creating a custom Jitse server on a Raspberry pi.
Everything work almost good if i connect to it from a browser from a computer.

The SSL is a self signed cert, therefore I have to accept all the alerts. However after this I can join from the computer, with Firefox or Chromium.

When I try to point to the same Jitsi server from a a phone it looks like is not joining the same channel although it is the same channel.
It seems connected but after few secs it got disconnected and on the working channel no sign of any new joiner.

So I think that in reality the phone session is not really joining the channel, though I see the Jitsi page and I see TCP data flowing back/forward.

Is it possible that the self signed SSL certificate is creating such problem only from the mobile phone?
Any idea?


Yes. You cannot use the mobile app with a deployment with self-signed certs.

Hi @damencho , thanks for the info.
But it looks it doesn’t work even from the browsers on the handy.

I do not understand why.
Is it expected?

Check your browser js logs for errors. Are there any?

Umh…not sure I can do it on my phone.
But from the computer, it works properly.

Ah you mean the browser oh the phone doesn’t work? Isn’t it showing the same warning about the certs as the desktop one?

Hi @damencho ,
I found the problem.
I had a problem in Prosody and practically when I tried to connect from the computer and from the phone in the same channel I ended up in 2 different room.
The problem was that the port 8888 was already used and therefore the Prosody server cannot start correctly.

Solved the problem with Prosody and everything works properly.