My Own SSL

How can I change the automatically generated ssl Certificate (, for my own?

Where are you termination the SSL?

If it’s nginx or apache2, just make sure your certs have the correct ownership and permissions, and then change the location in /etc/[apache2/nginx]sites-available/your_config.conf, and restart the web server.

Thanks Neil…and the SSLCipherSuite variable stays the same?

Yes, unless you want to change it to be more restrictive (higher security, but supported in fewer browsers).

(Out of curiosity, is there a reason to switch away from an LE cert for the domain? It’s one fewer thing to have to think about…)

Yes, the automatic SSL is not compatible with mobile applications. It rejects the connection when they try to enter.

Works fine for me with the Jitsi Meet app on iOS, but perhaps you have something else in mind!

Weird, because it was the response I saw from developer in another post. It only works for me on the desktop. when i try to enter the ios or android app, it doesn’t connect.

A self-signed cert won’t work on iOS, but an LE cert is trusted.

Which one do you recommend, I heard something from

Yep, that’s a nice front end for letsencrypt.

Thanks again…

And effectively changing the certificates for the ones created at works perfectly on all platforms.