My jitsi server is not running in external sites

Hello Guys, I dont know what happens, i tested several things but people can join in the meetings but sound and video is not working. In local network works perfectly but in external is not working, but you can chat anyway, strange.

this is my own jitsi to be review:

in console i have a lot of messages with an error/warnnings in Logger.js:125 .apply(t, args);

Follow these steps:

Dear damencho,

Thanks for the soon reply! Yes I did it with the IP local Address and Public Address and still same problem. The only thing i dont did is: apt-get -y install jigasi

It is necessary to do?

thank you!

Did you forward the ports on the router doing the nat? Did you restart jvb?

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Now is working very good!! the problem was do you say restart jvb and still working because I had the rules in NAT correct.
Thanks a lot.