My jitsi-meet-cfg file in "~" is empty? Why does jitsi-meet-cfg is also created in root? (Docker)

Hello, so in order to make changes to my server in .env I understand that I should delete the jitsi-meet-cfg file and then do

dokcer-compose up -d

again. However, when I look for the file jitsi-meet-cfg, I find it in two places. One is in “~” and the other is in “root”. When I delete the one in the “~” and do docker-compose up -d again, nothing changes. The directories are empty in “~” and the server changes do not appear.

From this I understand that I should actually delete the directories in the “root”, however I do not have access to root. And why does this happen? What can I do?

I’m pretty sure you have access to root if those folders got created there.
It’s /root, not root

I get this message:

bash: cd: /root: Permission denied

try sudo ls /root
but it’s irrelelvant, just change the config location in the .env as written in that thread.