My custom jitsi server not working from browser

Hi everyone!
We have a jitsi server which is accessible via internet
When I want to join to a room with browser video,audio and cancel call buttons are disabled can anyone tell me what is the problem?

Is ssl enabled? also check you have all ports opened in the firewall, if possible share the url and check log.

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You tried with different browser ? Firefox, Chrome, Safari ?
Check the security-level of the browser-config.

Yes ssl is enable and all port is open but the problem is still exist.

Yes we tried with different browser but not working

We NAT our server is the problem is in the NAT? Anyone know the problem?
And our server is based on IP address not domain name.

…as far as I know the server should have a FQDN and ssl-certificate.

Try assigning it an FQDN, ssl and try.

Is this necessary to set FQDN instead of ip address?
Why ip based work fine in local network?
We use ip address in public and it disconnecting and sat rejoin again.

not completely sure, but ssl certificate may be creating an issue with ip address.