My class got hacked


I am a newcomer in the field. Due to covid-19, as a teacher I had to follow a fast path course into the mutitude of toolls available for assembling people together online with the idea of teaching them something worth it. I chose Jitsi because it is approved by the French Education Ministry, its ease of use. Last but not least, my sister uses it on regumar basis back in Montreal, Quebec. I am located in the parsian suburbia, 40 km north of Paris.

Since then I have used jitsi meet 4 times and most of the time I as able to do what I expected to do.
However I had the the rather inconvenient experience of a participant bullying my class, which at first I did not really know how to handle, and then when I decided upon kicking him out, that person was able to kick me out in response.
Thus this participant had the last word as I could never get back into the class I had planned and organized.

In order to avoid this to occur again, I would like to know what have I done wrong as the administrator of my class which led to a person being able to hack my class?


Paul Lambert

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Hello Paul Lambert.
I think you can set a password for the room.
See more at: or
Greetings, Samuel Peixoto

The only security on the public site is the room name. If you make it known on a public channel such as public page on a social network, there is hardly any security.
If one of the participants who has to know the room name makes it known to unwanted personsc, the same.
So as soon as you have all your participants, set a password. If someone loses the connexion, it will be necessary to give the password after parents call you by phone (and change it after the missing sheep has come back to the flock). This is only true if you feel you can’t trust all the participants, of course.
There are much better options if the room were on a non-public server of course. But your administration would have to shell out some resources.

Bonjour Paul,

Consider using Framatalk, there is a huge team of volunteers there and many self-hosted Jitsi Meet servers. Perhaps you can find a server with configuration optimized for teaching, enough resources and help.

Or perhaps you can even learn how to host your own.

Good luck et bonjour de Montréal!

Bonjour Paul.

Je viens de monter un serveur sécurisé dédié à Jitsi ici à Montréal.
En fonction de vos besoins, je pourrais vous offrir un accès sécurisé sur ce serveur.
Cela me permettra aussi de tester sa stabilité et sa réponse en charge.
Votre classe est constituée de combien d’élèves?