Mux Max Occupant with withe list

Hi !

The muc_max_occupants seems to be working fine except for the whitelist which seems to be ignored.

  • I put the moderator in the whitelist and I limited the number of participants to 3.
  • In addition to the moderator, only 2 participants can join the meeting.
  • I expected to have 3 participants + the moderator

Component “conference.[domain]” “muc”
storage = “memory”
modules_enabled = {
muc_max_occupants = “3”
muc_access_whitelist = {
“christopher@[domaine]”;} – he is the moderator
admins = { “focus@auth.[domaine]” }

Is my syntax correct (quotes ?, commas?).
I tried several syntaxes but it doesn’t change anything.

Thanks for your help.

Try with muc_max_occupants = 3

Hi @damencho same issue with

muc_max_occupants = 3

Make it:

 muc_access_whitelist = {

Don’t add the rest.

So having muc_max_occupants = 3 and the settings above, means you can have no more than 2 participants, which are not a jibri and Christopher.

If you expect 3 + X whitelisted, do muc_max_occupants = 4.

Are you sure this is the jid used by the user “christopher@[domaine]”? The jid is logged in the console as JID .... using MUC nickname ....

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So muc_max_occupants includes whitelisted members ?! I do not understand.
If I want 3 occupants + moderator (which is in the whitelist) I will have to set mux_max_occupants at 4 (not at 3 ?).

Finaly, the behavior I describe in my first post is correct. I thought this behavior was an issue.

I do not understand anymore :frowning: .

I can read in the mod_muc_max_occupants.lua file:

– MUC Max Occupants
– Configuring muc_max_occupants will set a limit of the maximum number
– of participants that will be able to join in a room.
Participants in muc_access_whitelist will not be counted for the
– max occupants value (values are jids like
– This module is configured under the muc component that is used for jitsi-meet

Thanks to enlighten me ;-).

Yes, as just to count the focus.

Sorry to insist but I need to well understand: the focus is in the whitelist. So it shouldn’t be counted. No ?

I tested this morning:

  • muc_max_occupants = 2
  • christopher in the whiteliste (in theory he is not counted)
  • only one person can join the meeting (in addition to christopher). So from what I see: christopher is counted when it shouldn’t be since in the whitelist.

Isn’t it an issue ?


:warning: The following statements are incorrect. See Mux Max Occupant with withe list - #10 by shawn

Looking at the code, the number of available slots in meeting is set to muc_max_occupants - 1 (regardless of whether whitelist is available or not), presumably to account for focus user which will be present in all rooms.

So if you set muc_max_occupants = 2 then only 1 slot is available, and only only other person can join the meeting in addition to anyone in your whitelist. This seems to match your observation?

I think the confusion here stems for you adding focus to whitelist, while the code already accounts for focus user within the slot calculation with assumption that focus user would not be added to whitelist.

To summarised:

  • If you want to allow N non-whitelisted occupants, set muc_max_occupants = N+1 (to account for focus user)
  • Do not include focus user in whitelist. Does not change the calculation, but will be confusing.
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Thanks a lot for this explaination !
Thank you very much for this explanation. Everything is now much clearer :pray: :grinning:.

Apologies, but I seem to have spread some misinformation here. Looking at the code again, it does not set slots to muc_max_occupants - 1. (instead it defaults to -1 if not set and the module does nothing).

Part of the summary kinda stands though – with focus user not in whitelist, just set muc_max_occupants = N + 1 to account for focus user always in being a member of a room.


Thanks a lot for this update !