Mutual Mute proprosed Project


I wish to know the progress (if any) in the proposed project Mutual mute for GSoC2k18 (for some personal reasons ). I tried looking up for it in GitHub but was unable to find out anything related to it .


There is nobody working on this project.


I am also looking up for a problem as a part of my course work,and since I smashed my head for am month to get a solution, so I wish if it is somehow possible and will someone be interested to work on this problem,

The last time the mentors assigned were not familiar with the back part that needs to be implemented,they wished for a module/blackbox that is modular and since it requires a realtime processing no one can ensure if this can be resolved with their approaches, so the idea itself was dropped.

PS: I have some questions regarding the current algorithms as well, where can I refer to get some details about them and sorry for a late reply :sweat_smile: