Muting the video track doesn't disable the webcam?

On muting the video track using track.mute for my local participant, I still see the webcam light flashing up top. This would seem to be a massive privacy issue, how can I go about making sure that the webcam is actually turned off when I mute my video track.

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I also face the same issue even when I dispose off a track.

Is that track a MediaStreamTrack or a JitsiLocalTrack?

Setting enabled to false on a MediaStreamTrack won’t stop the light, just the transmission. On Chrome, that is, on Firefox the light does go off. So generally speaking you need to destroy the track to be sure.

Alright that makes sense, and just confirming, will JitsiLocalTracks when muted turn the webcam light off ?

Yes it should.

Alright, I will look into it then. Thanks a lot.