Muted Video AND Audio

I tried using jitsi on mobile over data.

The other person saw my video and mic are muted (and vice versa). It was the same on the Taskade app which I believe uses Jitsi too. The other person used Chrome browser.

I tried the same with a second person who tried both Firefox and mobile app with the same problem.

However, we could communicate with the same setup with no issues using Whatsapp and Zoom.

How do I get Jitsi to work for me and my 25+ colleagues?

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The same for me and my 6 collegues at 9:15AM today, from Torino area, Italy, using Chrome by desktop and app by Android and iOS. We were forced to swich to Google Meet (perfect room and streaming). We all are worried if it’s a temporary problem due to web congestion or not: in the next future we have to arrange a professional trainning with 60 person. And Jitsi was our first choise…

Ciao Marcello, ho lo stesso problema ancora adesso e la stessa esigenza. Sei riuscito a capire da cosa dipende e se è qualcosa di risolvibile?

Ciao, attualmente con i miei colleghi funziona tutto alla perfezione. Mi dai un tuo feedback?

Sì, anche a me adesso va bene, Marcello. Siamo però solo in cinque. Domani dovremmo essere in 15. Voi in quanti siete?
A questo punto stamattina era un problema di banda, oppure di manutenzione dei server Jitsi. Speriamo sia affidabile domani.

Mi piacerebbe capire a CHI rivolgermi di Jitsi per sapere cosa sia successo stamattina. Qualcuno sa indicare il thread giusto? Namez, noi usiamo Jitsi come prima scelta, tuttavia come piano B teniamo Google Meet (ma abbiamo una licenza G Suite…).
In bocca al lupo per domani

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This is happening to me too, but only when there are more than two people. Was your problem solved? If so, can you tell me if you did sth? Thanks.
Or people from support, can you guys help me? Thanks!

I have same problem :frowning:

i solved \o/

you need allow 10000-20000 port in your firewall/router…

Hi dear. sorry but how did you solve?
If you can guide me would be grate!

Hello, just allow the 10000-20000 range on your firewall and point (virtual server) the 10000-20000 range to your Jitsi server

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try!

No problem

Audio and Video are muted when i am joined from an iOS device. Other platforms Web and Android its working fine.
Is there any customisation required on ios.

Hey I am facing the same problem, did you solved it ? If yes can you share the solution please.


Please use SDK base solution, thats working perfectly in all platforms.

@Rajesh_Pillai - Sorry I did not understand this, What do you meant by SDK based solution ? I have checked out jitsi-meet from github and using react native application, jitsi SDK is used in its iOS code. also I am using my own servers with jwt token. Can you please explain a bit. Thank you.