Muted Sound on other devices if use app from Android 9 pie

On using jitsi app on the devices with Android Pie, other devices doesn’t heard sound. Mic is enabled but still voice doesn’t relay both on video enabled and audio only mode. Uninstalled and Re-Installed the app.

Checked on Asus & Pixel.

Same happened when I built own app using Pre Build Artifacts on Studio. Sound doesn’t relay from Mic.

any improvements over this issue?

We haven’t seen any reports like with for the latest version (there was an issue witn some Samsung devices in the past, but we fixed that).

Do you see any errors in logcat?

will see and update you.

From the logcat I am not able to see the reason behind it…can you just check and confirm why MIC is still not working @saghul ?

asusnomic.txt (2.2 MB)

We are unable to use on some devices after the release of 19.1

Does current master work ok for you? (a custom build, that is)

Nope till 18th May was not working…will uninstall and install again. I haven’t customized the built, just changed some logo and terms for our company…also the JITSI official app is also not working …I mean mic is not working on that app.

Hum. We haven’t seen reports like this alas, and I cannot reproduce it with any of the devices at hand. Test again and let us know if you see anything.

Tested on Motorola G4 Plus…same issues. Several devices doesn’t work with APP. It’s not audible to other side.:smirk:

This problem still exists with many other devices. @saghul

I have not been abvle to reproduce it, sorry. We test on multiple devices (also the QA team at 8x8) and haven’t heart of anything like this.