Mute whole Jitsi session with a button on the Web

There is a button with which I can turn my microphone on and off. Also a button with which I can turn my camera on and off. This is logical and necessary.

But what I personally miss is a button with which I can turn off all sound outputs of Jitsi for me. Basically like pressing the “speaker off” button on my computer.

In the following scenario it would be a useful feature: I have a softphone installed on my computer, which is ringing even though I am in a Jitsi session. Now I want to answer the call but I don’t want to leave the jitsi session or ask everyone else to be quiet for a moment. With one push of a button I could mute the sound output of Jitsi for me, accept the call on the softphone and later switch on the Jitsi sound again with another push of a button.

If I use Jitsi in a browser, then I could theoretically mute the tab. But again, that doesn’t work in the Jitsi desktop app. Also, it may not work in every browser or the user may not be able to get it to work. A button similar to “Camera on/off” or “Microphone on/off” that can be reached very quickly would therefore be desirable. Alternatively, it could be reached via the menu, but also via a shortcut on the keyboard.

On BigBlueButton a option like this exists already. Please show the attached screenshot. Sure, for Jitsi the image would be the wrong, there should be more a loudspeaker symbol used. But something like this would be great. Unfortunately I can not provide with code. But if you need something else, please let me know.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-28 um 12.07.18

The capability is there already in Jitsi somewhat. The “startSilent” parameter disables audio output of other participants in a meeting but it’s not set to be triggered by a button on the UI (and in its current state, it is enforced for all users). So I guess the work needed would just be to attach it to a button on the toolbar and from there, turn it on/off without needing a browser reload. I’ve actually seen a deployment where this was done.

Maybe do you remember at which deployment this was?

Easiest way to mute the Jitsi tab is to right click on the page → Mute tab (if using Google Chrome)

Yes, but if you use the Jitsi App this is not possible. I would really like to have a feature which is working in all browsers / clients.

This was a company’s private deployment.

@Freddie do you remember it? Then maybe there is a chance to create a contact and buy this feature for the rest of the world…

I don’t really remember the name of the Company. I may check through old notes to see if I wrote something down. If so, I’ll let you know.