Mute video


moderator can mute other audio(I also implement unmute method ). I also want to mute video. I find a method (handleMuteRequest in JitsiMeetConferenceImpl) in jocofo. can you help me to implement video unmute mute method in jicofo


JitsiMeetConferenceImpl calls muteParticipant from ColibriConferenceImpl, which mutes only the audio. You need first to make sure that the UI has the button and you can signal muting the video or audio (as currently only audio muting is implemented And then jicofo can signal to bridge in ColibriConferenceImpl.muteParticipant whether to mute audio or video channel.


thank you. @damencho


@damencho if i change as it should mute the video instead audio am i right?


No, it will not work. Changing that no iq will be parsed on jicofo side. You need to create another IQ with the new namespace, make sure it is parsed in the corresponding iq provider, then make sure you handle it.
Look at the current MuteIq where is the namespace.


@damencho help me
This is a jibri log

i have got this iq to the jibri side


for the testing, I change the following things

MuteIq NameSpace as

ColibriConferenceImpl.muteParticipant as ColibriConferenceIQ.Content audioContent=channelsInfo.getContent(“video”);

could you say something


This will not work as described in my previous comment, this iq is unknown to jicofo.