Mute Video For Remote User

Hi @damencho,

I have tried to implement “Mute Video for Remote Participant”. For this as suggested here

I have implemented new IQ with separate video namespace and added the following in handleVideoMuteRequest() function in ColibriConferenceImpl class.

ColibriConferenceIQ.Content videoContent
= channelsInfo.getContent(“video”);
ColibriConferenceIQ.Channel videoChannel
= videoContent.getChannel(0);

But video is not getting muted as audio get mute.

Getting following error in JVB log:

WARNING: [131] [confId=755bba3ace231528 epId=47c760d8 gid=ff4cf6 stats_id=Alex-bi3 conf_name=amit] Endpoint.updateForceMute#1548: Tried to mute the incoming video stream, but that is not currently supported.

Please suggest where i am making mistake.

Thanks in advance.

It needs a jvb change.

Hi @damencho,

JVB change from my side or it is never implemented in JVB.
Can you suggest what changes required in JVB.


Hi @damencho,

Any suggestion.

Take a look at this change which was for audio
And you can try implementing the video one from there.

Hi @damencho,

I have checked following.

  1. There is a function transceiver.forceMuteAudio() function in file and i need to make transceiver.forceMuteVideo() function.
  2. The transceiver object is defined in RtpReceiver object from the media-transform library, where the forceMuteAudio() is defined i need to define forceMuteVideo() in this file (" RtpReceiver.kt).

But my query is that is this enough to mute video. Until it is implemented at Media level.

Am i going in right way or there is another better option available.

Amit Sharma

You need that and you also need to implement it in jicofo, the same way it is done for audio.

Are you able to make it work after adding MuteVideo() in Rtp-Receiver?
Let me know if I also follow same path…