Mute & Unmute

Hi Jistsi
As the moderator, how do I mute the participants video and audio and then unmute the video and audio

as moderator u can mute audio of a guest by clicking on their video menu(lower left corner)
u cant unmute audio and mute/unmute video as that would be a security flaw. however u can configure(from the settings --> more section) to start the conference, so that the guests will join with their video and/or audio muted.

As a moderator i can mute people, but they can unmute themselves. This moderation feature is useless, because spammers who want to spam can keep unmuting themselve.

Same thing with kicking, if i kick them, they can come back again, so its useless too.

Is there any way to force mute the participant or permanently ban/kick a user from joining a meeting? If i am a moderator ?

I think u will be able to listen for mute event. for example user A is moderator and user B and C are guests, having a meeting. when user A mutes user B, user B side u will able to get that event notification and then u can disable the mute button in user B’s side therefore user B wont be able to unmute himself. As for the other one, u can always LOCK the room

@Tanvir can you please help me do this in my code, i m happy to pay you for this, please see Paid work: Add a button to mute mic of spammers or participants on voice call when using Jitsi meet iframe API

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