Mute/unmute and screen share stop

whenever i do mute/unmute myself my screen sharing is being stopped i don’t know why it is happening

Thank you for help

Can you reproduce this with ?

over there it is not happening.

i had made lot of changes in this build

i had tried to deploy new build with this link still i am facing this issue and my UI is change completely

If you cannot reproduce it with unchanged code then the bug must be in your changes somehow. I’d recommend you start by testing the unchanged latest version then re-applying your changes.

okay let me deploy latest one without changes

Thank you for your help

@saghul THIS is the console when i mute my self while sharing screen.

So it is not the issue, it is default feature don’t know why?
someone know why this block is written to disable screen share after unmute mic
if (enable) {
dispatch(toggleScreensharing(false, false, true));

solution comment below line in jitsi-meet/react/features/video-menu/actions.any.js
if (enable) {
//dispatch(toggleScreensharing(false, false, true));