Mute incoming audio for everyone

The moderator is able to mute the mikes guests.

Guests can adjust incoming volume of individual participants. The way to adjust the incoming volume of all participants is the system volume. Well and good if there’s no need to listen to anything else while on Jitsi - which there sometimes is.

Would it be difficult to allow guests to mute (or adjust) the incoming volume of all participants?

This would also make streaming multiple devices and windows from a single machine more convenient than having to individually lower the incoming volume of each participant in all but one of the Jitsi instances.

I think you’re asking how to adjust the volume of the whole jitsi meeting on your computer, without changing the system volume for the whole computer.
On Windows 10 right-click on your Speakers icon, and Open Volume Mixer. There you can change the individual volume for each program that is open and able to use your speakers. Note that in Firefox you may see multiple instances - it’s a bug that has been reported and is (at last) being worked on. Should be OK on Chrome.

Thanks - this takes care of it!

Because of multiple instances, not in spite of it. The first instance would be the moderator with normal sound. Other instances would be shared windows with sound and microphones muted.

Testing with Firefox, it works perfectly!

It’s possible to use the “Mute tab” choice from the browser tab menu

Excellent solution - thank you! :slight_smile: