Mute everyone and ignore client unmute

I’ve seen a lot of people requesting the ability to mute everyone while disallowing them from unmuting themselves, I would like to know how much it would cost to implement this feature on the server side.

Patch or plugin should be able to drop voice and video input from participants when “Mute everyone” switch is pressed by the Moderator so only him can speak and broadcast video.

Based on offers we can start a community campaign to fund it.


Pinging some paid developers: @fuqiangleon @telzee @Sanjay_Goyal

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I can help you if its paid work; I am an expert looking for work! Please share your email/skype and we can take it from there;

I will gladly spend some money to help developer, but I dislike “developer doing it only for paying customer, and not integrating tre result to the main branch”.
When something useful is done, it should be available to everyone…

Thank you for your support, we need quotes from developers so we know how much is required to build it and release it to the public, for everyone :wink:

For info, and from my understanding, the component to modifiy would be jicofo, more precily here

this seems to be kind of easy to do, but probably would need to add some kind of configuration to deal with this new option.

Thank you, were you refereeing to a specific lines? it doesn’t show which ones in your reply. File has over 3000 lines

I was refrencing method 'handleMuteRequest`

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You asked for my email and you didn’t respond to me communication after you got it.

Thank you.
If there will be will to make the changes, I propose this behaviour:

Global boolean variable “Participants can UnMute themselves” visible and toggleable from JitsiMeet “more actions” menu. Of course toggleable only by admins.

Simple, effective, straightforward.

What do you think?

edit: maybe better wording for the option:

“disable participants’ unmuting”
and if lock is active the text will read
“enable participants’ unmuting”.

Of course every admin can unmute himself regardless of the lock.

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I will clarify, what my vision is:

Zoom has one interesting feature, which at first glance violates privacy,
but it is cleverly thought-out, and works very well, especially for conferences with very non-technical participants, to which could be even logging into the conference a hard task.

When Admin in Zoom issue the “Mute all” command,
Zoom asks him, whether the participants can be unmuted by themself.
If he clear the checkbox, only the admin can unmute the participants.
If the participant was unmuted in the very moment when Admin has issued the “Mute all” command,
this participant can be unmuted by Admin.

If the participant was muted during the “Mute all” command issue, Admin cannot unmute such participant without his consent, but the unmute confirmation dialog is shown at the participant.
Unmuting occurs only if participant approves unmuting. So far the Zoom’s solution.

This behaviour is a bit complicated but it enables hassle-free conference flow for maybe old, very nontechnical people, it mimics “microphone man walking in the crowd and passing microphone to whoever is asked to say something”. They do not have to do anything, but participate on the dialog.
It prioritizes the flow of the conference before the “truest privacy”.

I understand, this behaviour will be problem for Jitsi developers, since it can lead to unmute situations unwanted by a participant, but it can be solved by two scenarios:

First solution: let the participant set his own flag: “approve remote unmute of myself”, which he can set/unset whenever he wants. This will be the ultimate solution. If Approve is set, Admin can remotely unmute him, if it is not set, Admin’s try to unmute participant will result in “unmute confirmation” dialog, which will vanish after few seconds, if not responded.

Second, not so complete solution: At every “remote unmute try” issued by Admin, the “unmute confirmation” dialog appears at participant’s screen, which will vanish after few seconds, if not responded.

This solution can seamlessly integrate unmuting prohibition logic with remote unmuting logic, with the consent of the participant and still leaving the option to moderate microphones to admin.

From my point of view, this will make Jitsi magnificent option for conducting large conferences with non-technical old people.
What do you think?

Brilliant idea.

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Sounds good however this will require client software changes (android, iOS etc) too and add more work. I’m trying to keep the minimal request as start then move forward to other important features.



Any news about this feature request ?

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@URD Did you find anyone to do this paid work for you? We are in similar situation and are happy to pay any developer who can do this for us. i.e allow an option to forcibly mute other participants Paid work: Add a button to mute mic of spammers or participants on voice call when using Jitsi meet iframe API

Unfortunately I didn’t get any real offer yet.

I’d be glad to pay for this feature to be added. All I’m looking for is a presenter mode that permanently mutes all others even if they think they’re unmuted. Not caring about how this gets handled by all the clients makes this a lot easier.

This might be combined with

to make a more interesting change.

Frees/helps the host, but it is focused on discussion not presentation.

I’m not sure why my post was flagged however I think it’s important for the community to understand how much what they are asking for costs.

this isnt a place to create fuss about such things; its just a place to connect; its best we keep our offline discussions with anyone offline itself in the interest of being professional;