Mute Audio localTracks


I run sample in this repo I have a question about the API in lib jitsi. How to mute my local audio ? Because I try create 3 button in conference.

  1. End call
  2. Mute Audio
  3. Off/On Video (I using localTracks[1].mute())

those button for the localTracks video


Hi, and welcome to our community!

You can do conference.leave() on the JitsiConference instance.

Same es the video mute you have below (which is correct). But the index is 0. I believe there are helper to just get the audio track and video track directly.

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Thank you. It works now.

Hi @saghul, how to switch my local video to remote video ? from small video to large video. based on sample above. I was used room.pinParticipant(id) but still not happening.


You want to use selectParticipant.