Mute Audio for remote participant is implemented but for Video?

My question is… why remote participant muting Video is not implemented? is there any limitation for video tracks?.

one more question is there a way to unmute remote participants by moderator? is it possible?

We are working on it. There is no other limitation than resources and time and more urgent tasks.

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Ohh okay :+1:

what do you mean by ‘on it’ ? OP was meaning ‘mute video’ AND ‘unmute sound’, the latter (unmute sound) has been firmly rejected before so I guess that you are meaning only the former ?

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We are working as time permits on both audio and video force-mute. feat(force-mute): Implement force-mute functionality by gimre · Pull Request #7779 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Moderator force mutes everybody and when someone wants to speak, asks for permission the moderator, when that permission is given the participant gets a notification that can now unmute.
So the unmute is a participant act, which does not have a privacy concerns.


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