Mute and Unmute Self Programmatically

Hi @damencho ,

Is there a way I can mute and unmute myself in the middle of a call programmatically on mobile? I don’t see a function in your mobile sdk regarding mute and unmute.

Up @damencho and @saghul

Not yet, we don’t have such functionality implemented at the moment.

Thanks for the reply @saghul

Hello @saghul, do you have any suggestion on how I can do it? I’m doing it in ios.

Hi @saghul, I did try to manupulate audio in device. even if volume is off the jitsi audio is still on. Can you give me advice on how I can manipulate audio of jitsi programatically.

Up @saghul and @damencho

@saghul and @damencho help please

Hi @Raymond_Barrinuevo did you find any solution for this? Please update.