Mute and switch video off as moderator for joining prople

Is there a way i could disable all participants video and voice Being a moderator, i will be the only one speaking as a moderator. Then later i would unmute all people is there a way to control it like that?

Welcome to the forum, @Bossman!

You can certainly mute all participants (there’s a setting to mute all on joining the call). So this can be done relatively easily. Disabling video requires a bit more though. You can use URL params to restrict video feeds for participants, but this would require two URLS (one for you - which allows your video feed and then another one for the participants - which restricts their video feed).

If this is an ongoing need and you host your own Jitsi, you can invoke the “startVideoMuted” property in your config.js, set the property value to 1 and just make sure you’re the first in the meeting. That way, anyone else who joins after will automatically have their video feed disabled.

Note that for participants to stay muted, you require the cooperation of the participants because they can unmute themselves at any time.

I see, thanks for your answer. There is no way to mute people for good for some time ?. That is why you are talking about cooperation?

The second way in config, so i have to be first to be a moderator yes and moderator is skipped by this option ?, but even then you need cooperation bcz, people could enable video and voice ?

You can mute people throughout, but people can unmute themselves. Jitsi, by default, does not allow you to restrict participants from being able to unmute themselves.

Ok thanks