Music video in Jitsi meet conference

Is it possible to share a Video with music in Jitsi meet, using VLC ? if I select “Share” and I want to share one of my opened windows, there is no chance to select “share audio”. Thank-you

Open the media file on the browser tab (file:///path ) and share this tab with audio

Thank-you, I will try!

Thank-you very much, it works!

First of all thanks a lot for this wonderful and free resource. YOU are doing a great job helping us, teachers, to keep up with OUR job in these difficult Corona times.

I have been using jitsi since December 2020 - first as a public platform (, then on one of the open servers. I had to switch to the server based version since the public one does not offer such functions as a waiting room or a password secured session.

In December I was able to use the feature of screen sharing showing my students videos from my hard disk using Windows Media Player in mp4.format. It worked well and we had both sound and picture.

But last week it didn’t work at all. All what my students could see was a black screen without any sound.
I tried to use VLC which had picture but still without any sound though I had sound in my headset.

First I thought the problem was with my PC settings and tried two other PCs and also my smartphone without any success.

I also tried the public platform ( as well as different server based platforms like some open platforms of different German universities. And the result was the same everywhere.

I know that it is possible to share video and audio files via browser and it works well.

But I am still interested to know what the problem is with showing the video files without the browser tab now and would appreciate your answers.

I suspect a chrome update made the change … maybe there is some bug with that functionality … just guessing

Thanks a lot for your answer. :+1:

So I’ll have to use the browser tab for videos. At least it still works.