Music quality audio

Hi all,

As a music enthusiast, I’ve been thinking of developing a feature that allows users to stream live instruments over video conferencing. Jitsi seems like a great start for experimenting with this idea.

My thoughts are:

  1. During a music lesson, the teacher oftentimes wants to listen to high quality recording of the student, and potentially willing to compromise on latency.

  2. Existing video software (like zoom) doesn’t easily allow for a user to add a microphone on top of the main video device to enhance audio. In an ideal situation, a music student will be able to use an ipad to interact with the teacher and look at the score, at the same time as adding an additional channel of audio coming from a higher quality microphone sitting in a strategic place (say close to the acoustic part of the piano).

  3. During a lesson, it’ll be valuable to keep high fidelity recordings of the student and automatically split and ideally with an optional overly of the comments on those recordings. Also, it’ll be very useful in real time to share with the teacher those recordings so in case the audio quality was choppy during the moment it was played, it’ll be easy to rewind and re-listen to it.

These are a few quick thoughts but there are many other ideas that could be useful.

I know this is a very niche usecase and it isn’t the raison d’etre of Jitsi but I’m wondering if someone will be interested in collaborating on a feature like that, or take the time to show me the ropes on how I can hack into it in the different Jitsi repositories.

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