Music Mode for Jitsi? (Original Sound option)

hi everyone,

for the purpose of making music together online via video conferencing, it would be really great if there would come an ‘Original sound’ option that you can toggle, like Zoom has. So that would be the option to hear the unprocessed sound from the microphones. Otherwise, singing and music is always truncated and doesn’t sound well.

Also, the fact that the software detects the ‘speaker’ and gives that microphone the preference (more volume?) is great for talking with each other, but terrible if you try to make music together.

We are an improvisation ensemble ( and can work with the slight time-latency that online conferencing always has, but when the sound is not original and picked up for everyone in the same manner, then it doesn’t quite work…

I know of a lot of musicians who would love to use Jitsi instead of Zoom, but at the moment (have to) choose Zoom for making music or lead choir rehearsals, because this feature is missing from Jitsi.

Everything else sounds really great about Jitsi, so glad about this community working on an open source alternative like this. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

With greetings, and looking forward to hear if this is complicated to integrate or maybe possible in the near future…



Hi! Can you synchronise the audio in Zoom? I’m looking for an option to play live music in a band, all in their house, but the output audio is not synchrionised, so the audience listen a wrong song.

I would like to second this request for essetially the same reasons.

Thank you !

which one ? disabling all or part of sound handling has already been addressed on this forum - use search function on disableAEC for example; on the other hand thinking of a webrtc based videoconferencing solution for a choir is hopeless.

Thanks very much. Sorry, I didn’t think to search. Bad netiquette.


Good stuff. I’ll have a look through and try to work out what’s what in that list.

I guess all that I’m requesting is for these settings to appear in the UI.

We all know that you can’t sing like a normal choir would, but the right kind of contemporary music would be doable, as stated by the OP.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work on jitsi. I love it!