Munging SDP to insert b=AS attribute

Hi Experts,

I am attempting to munge SDP in order to ensure that two instances of the Android SDK (running of course on different phones)engaged in a P2P call do not send more than a certain bitrate. I have been able to manipulate the SDP via changes to TraceablePeerConnection, such that the “b=AS:” attribute is inserted. I have a couple of questions I hope to get answers to:

  1. Does the react-native webRTC library that is used in the SDK honor the bandwidth attribute?
  2. If so, is this version-dependent.
  3. If not, what alternatives might help achieve the outcome I’m after?


Yes, it should honor de bandwidth attribute since it’s implemented using the same WebRTC library as Chromium. No, it’s not version dependent.

Thanks for your revert. I did notice that it is taking effect with some further tinkering. I’m sorry that I forgot to close this discussion topic. I was hoping to get your thoughts on more query however, I would be extremely grateful for any pointers you might provide:

On the Android SDK, the video sometimes appears to be grainy, almost as though light from object in front of the camera is refracted before it hits the camera. Any idea as to why these occurs? Is there something that can be changed to help improve video rendering? Like using a TextureView or keeping the framerate constant?


I have no idea, sorry.

Thanks nonetheless!