Multiplexing / TCP Media Support Conflict

Hey guys,

I recently noticed that multiplexing support is getting deprecated and the latest jitsi-meet release is having a new Nginx config file that is listening on port 443, not on port 4444

We are using JITSI Cluster on AWS and want to enable TCP support but while working on TCP we found about multiplexing is deprecating, so how we can enable TCP support then?
Because to enable TCP we have to setup multiplexing and make nginx listen on port 4444?

How we can enable TCP media support on port 443 if UDP port 10000 is blocked by the network firewall?

We already setup our separate coturn server but my existing jitsi setup is not using multi-plexing.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

There is nothing to multiplex then your coturn is on separate server with public address with its own domain amd cert and prosody config will send that to the clients, isn’t it? Or I misunderstood you?

Really there is an issue: I found the documentation confusing.

The states that Jitsi moved away from multiplexing… and what can be done then if I need to have all on 1 host?

Can we still use it “the old fashion” way or should we move to demultiplexed setup with separate port?

If you want to use the same host for turn and nginx you either use the standard turn ports or if you want turn and nginx to share the same port 443 you need a second dns pointed to the same host and Setting up TURN · Jitsi Meet Handbook

I went to separate nginx and coturn and all is fine now (dedicated ports and firewall rules).