Multiple YouTube thumbnails for presenter with Android to IOS app meeting

We are currently developing your platform for our hosted VoIP network and have everything working the way we require, including Android and IOS apps based on your software. We noticed an issue when having a meeting between an Android and IOS app. If you try to share a YouTube video, it works fine except for the presenter/host. They get multiple thumbnails of the video instead of a single one. There are 7 thumbnails if the Android is a presenter and there are about 20 if the IOS presents and shares. The attendee side is okay and it contains only one thumbnail of the video. This happens for either the Android or IOS presenter. This is based on our Jitsi servers. If I attempt this with our apps on your public Jitsi server, It does not happen. If I do this on our servers with a desktop web browser session to IOS, there is no problem. Have you seen this before? Any recommendations to where to look or what function could possibly generate the additional thumbnails in which only Android to IOS apps take place?