Multiple user and executive show after terminate the SDK

Hi team I am using jitsi SDK in iOS using Swift language. when I am enter the first time in meeting my App work is good (the meeting will be held on one to one communication client and Exective) but when I am terminated the SDK and again join in meeting the show one already jitsi fellow member and same as it problem when go to my App Background the it again join in meeting it show the already jitsi fellow member in meeting and again join as a new member in meetings it happens many times .
plz give me some idea
Here is my code
installes jitsi SDK using cocapod.

class JistiMeetVc: UIViewController {

@IBOutlet weak var JitsiMeetView: JitsiMeetView!

var RoomName:String?
var url:String?
var customerUrl:String?
var meetingName: String!
var executiveName:String?

override func viewDidLoad() {
    JitsiMeetView.delegate = self

    // Do any additional setup after loading the view.

override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
    joinMeeting(name: RoomName!)

private func joinMeeting(name: String) {

    let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { builder in
        builder.welcomePageEnabled = true = self.RoomName
        builder.serverURL = URL(string:  self.customerUrl ?? "")
        builder.audioMuted = false
        builder.videoMuted = true
        builder.userInfo = JitsiMeetUserInfo(displayName:  "", andEmail: nil, andAvatar: nil)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("ios.screensharing.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("pip.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("add-people.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("invite.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("raise-hand.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("live-streaming.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("video-share.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("call-integration.enabled", withBoolean: true) //set false for test -->>
        builder.setFeatureFlag("recording.enabled",withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("meeting-password.enabled",withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("meeting-name.enabled",withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("filmstrip.enabled",withBoolean: true)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("share.enabled",withBoolean: false)
        builder.setFeatureFlag("Securityoptions.enabled", withBoolean: false)
        //           builder.setFeatureFlag("server-url-change.enabled", withValue: false)

// builder.setFeatureFlag(“Muteeveryone”, withBoolean: false)
// builder.setFeatureFlag(“Muteeveryone”, withBoolean: false)


func applicationDidEnterBackground(_ application: UIApplication) {
//    cleanUp()
//    joinMeeting(name: RoomName!)
//    dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)
    NSLog("we are in the background...")


func applicationWillTerminate(_ application: UIApplication) {
    NSLog("we have terminated...")

//MARK:–>> Clean the

fileprivate func cleanUp() {
    if(JitsiMeetView != nil) {
        JitsiMeetView = nil
     //   joinMeeting(name: RoomName!) = nil
 //     dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil)



//MARK:–>> Jisti Meet Delegate -->>

extension JistiMeetVc: JitsiMeetViewDelegate {

func conferenceTerminated(_ data: [AnyHashable : Any]!) {
  //  JitsiMeetView.leave()

// cleanUp()

    dismiss(animated: true, completion:  JitsiMeetView.leave)

// cleanUp()
// customerUrl = nil

 //    JitsiMeetView.leave()
//    JitsiMeetView.hangUp()
    self.navigationController?.popViewController(animated: true)


What SDK version are you using?

Hi Sir,
I am Using pod
pod ‘JitsiMeetSDK’ only not set Version

Latest is 3.8.1, which is known to have some issues. A new release is coming up this week.

but my problem in iOS Only. In Android it’s working Fine.

using Native iOS, and Native Android.

Hi team
Today I am Facing one new Problem in JitsiSDK
In My App have one to one Communication When Executive Disconnect from Web and Again join and When User Disconnect or terminate Conference then Again Join it will Show Black Blank Screen.

You need to add this

  • Make sure voip is added to UIBackgroundModes , in the app’s Info.playlist , in order to work when the app is in the background.