Multiple UI related questions - jitsi and jigasi

I need some help with a few issues… thanks all in advance for you assistance

issue number 1:
I have a jitsi server and jigasi running on prem, they are registered to work with on prem pbx. all is working fine for out going sip calls from meetings and in coming calls to meetings.

the issue i’m facing is that jigasi needs to be restarted if a certain meeting tries to invite more than 6 to 10 out going phone destinations.

if i place the calls two or there numbers at a time it works fine.

but adding a list of 10 to 15 destinations - the system calls them all, they are all connected, but there is not audio even though tcpdump shows traffic for audio.

in this situation only jigasi service restart brings back audio for new calls.

any ideas?

ps. the simultaneous outbound call limit for the jigasi sip extension is set to unlimited in the pbx (freepbx).

issue number 2:
when having to add the numbers for out going call, I can’t just past comma seperated list of numbers? i have to do it one by one and then click the simbol with the mouse. is there a seperator char that would allow me to paste more than one number?

issue number 3:
is there a way after issue 2 has been resolved to have an option to paste a number=name, number=name - so multiple outbound calls would have a recognizable name to them?

issue number 4:
since i’m using an anonimous jitsi environment embeded into our IIS + authentication AD login page, i find that only the first user that gets the moderator has the option to call out sip destinations. the invite with sip calls doesn’t appear to any one that hasn’t been given moderator privileges. I don’t want to integrate with ldap/AD or use jitsi auth… is there a way to let all users have this option?

issue number 5:
is there a way to leave the system open to guest unauthenticated users (since IIS front end does this) where everyone can open rooms but still give a few users the option to login so they will have moderator privileges to any room the enter even if they were not the first.

Have you notices any resource problems on the machine? are there any firewall restricting certain outgoing traffic on the machine?

There is no such feature at the moment.

This needs a lot of changes … signaling from the client and signalling from jicofo to jigasi and changes in jigasi itself.

Nope, that is based on the moderator privilidges.

Not really … I cannot think of a way …

issue 1:
the jitsi and the pbx are on the same vlan, no fw between them.
the fw and fail2ban on the freepbx are turned off.
the jitsi has 32GB RAM and 16Cores on a 64Core GEN10 Server with 512GB RAM.
the PBX is on a second server with 16 cores and 16GB RAM.
both ESX hosts are at 7% CPU and 15% MEM usage.
as per telegraf to grafana stats - the jitsi never goes above 5-10% CPU.

I have 3 more jvb servers with octo and same location seting all in a grid all setup in the same vlan. with round robin user load sharing. the system can server 120 users concurrent, never going above 10% cpu…
JAVA heap size is at 3GB with no error messages on mem… i’ve increased it to 4 and then to 6 with no change.

where else do i need to look?

jigasi is on the same machine as one of the bridges?

It cannot be resource problems if jigasi is running on that machine …

Jigasi is install on the JVM - main jitsi instance (since i couldn’t find a working guide on how to make it work on a separate machine and had to give up - sorry , being a noob to this sucks…LOL)

with that said, any ideas on where the issue is or how to debug it?

Issue 5: that i just remembered - i have an external facing jitsi grid too with a turn server (coturn) for 443 traffic since the udp10000 is blocked. that too with octo and round robin load balancing - for some strange reason IPhone IOS users, using a browser only, cannot connect to media stream, only jitsi UI, no A/V… i tried with JVM only, not other server and no turn server, still doesnt work, tried wild card domain certificate changes, still nothing.
only PC and android devices manage to work correctly through browser.
I cann’t use the jitsi app. ( too complicated to get into why…)

When this happen do you see an error in the logs? I would say this can be a bug … a thread dump will be helpful I guess … If you can reproduce and run the /usr/share/jigasi/ when that happens you can send me the file somehow :slight_smile: damencho at jitsi dot org and I can take a look. That archive has a lot of information in it, so don’t make it public.

sent you the logs via email. Thanks for the assist!

Those fragments of logs are not helpful in this case and there are no errors. When you repro the problem grab the thread dump from running /usr/share/jigasi/ on the jigasi machine as root. I hope that can reveal something …