Multiple sessions at same time

Hi all - new here, and I’m looking into the option of running multiple sessions (with unique URLs) at the same time. There is a website that each session will run on using iframe. The site is using Firebase.

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to look into this?

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You can run as many sessions as your system can support just by launching multiple browsers. Expect serious performance degradation though when you run multiple instances of Jitsi on the same system (resource competition e.t.c…)

Thanks Freddie! The sessions will be scheduled through a reservation system, so we will need to have links generated ahead of time. Is that possible? I’m not entirely clear on how the users would end up in separate sessions.

I’m assuming you’re trying to use the public instance of Jitsi at, right? You can generate a link anytime ( but the room itself does not exist until someone enters it. So, if you’re on, you want to make sure you select very unique room names, so no one else ends up in your meeting or takes the room before your meeting starts.

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Ah yes - I am using the public instance. But since each session will need to be hosted on the same website and domain name via iframe, I am a bit stuck on how the different rooms / sessions could work :thinking:

I suppose you could create multiple pages on the website and frame Jitsi on each page. That part is no problem; trying to run all those instances simultaneously on the same machine is where you’ll hit a bottleneck.

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Okay cool! I was thinking that might end up being the eventual solution. The sessions will be “hosted” by moderators on different machines to prevent the bottle necking, so it should be okay. It’s an unconventional project–thanks for taking the time to problem solve!!