Multiple Screen Sharing goes to inactive mode


I have tested the new versions that were recently released. And I can say that screen sharing is ruined for now. I had to go back to the old servers (thank god i kept them).

I just recreated the issue and I can say whenever there are some minor connection issues all the screens get this blue inactive icon and it just becomes a pain which was not present before.

I got similar reports from all the teams running the calls, basically we have 10 - 15 simultaneous calls in different servers. They all are reporting this!

I can go on with the images lol.

Let me know if there is a way to turn off this feature.


I am facing similar issue when even 5 people connect on a server hosted by me, not all screens stay active in tile mode, and some keep turning off. Is there a solution in settings?

Same to me! It happens on filmstrip mode. Anyone knows how can we fix this? @damencho @Boris_Grozev .

I’m using the same version of!

Videobridge version: 2.1.245-g49823c49

I really would love to find a fix for this so that I can update to the new versions!