Multiple screen share at the same time

So basically if two people share the screen at the same time only one screen is visible and You have to toggle between screens, my question is can we have multiple screen share, if two people share screens both screens should be visible

Toggle to tile view and you’ll be able to see all shared screens.

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I’m new in this forum. I’m a school IT-manager and want to use Jitsi for classroom-monitoring.

@uzumaki_N Thanks for asking this question.
@Freddie Thanks to answer this question.

In one week I would try to build my own Jitsi Meet Server for our school. Probably I will use this video to start: Host a Jitsi Meet Server - YouTube

Since last year every student in our school has a laptop. Before there were a lot of classes with desktops. On these desktops we configured the free solution Veyon (known before as iTalc) to monitor the screens.

Because of the laptops and European GDPR we’re looking to build a new monitor tool. We think Jitsi could be a good tool to use. But we have two questions about it:

  • would it be possible to monitor all the students screens with screen share? (25 students/class)
  • Because of GDPR: is Jitsi a safe environment to work with? We hope so!

Hopefully we get the answers in time, before we start building our Jitsi-server.