Multiple Recording Storage Providers - GSoC

Hello everyone! This is Jayanth, a second year undergraduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I am a software developer with strong expertise in web development (Javascript based). I was exploring all the projects put up for this year’s GSoC program and the ‘Multiple Recording Storage Providers’ project by Jitsi grabbed my interest. So, I would like to know about the potential mentors and what are their plans for this project. Any kind of inputs from them would help me draft the proposal. I wish to make an impactful contribution for this project :slight_smile:

Responded via email, but FTR:

Hi there,

Good to hear you are interested!

Basically the project would revolve around adding other storage providers such as iCloud, NextCloud, and maybe even generic S3 compatible storage.

The web application may (depending on the chosen backend) need to authenticate with the system and get some kid of token.

Then this information is passed to our recording backend, Jibri, which the entity that does the actual recording and upload.

Thanks for the info @saghul ! Is there any format in which the application has to be submitted?

I believe you’ll see the guidelines in the GSoC website.

Alright, thanks!