Multiple participants from the same LAN, freezing cameras, and ipv4 vs ipv6

I have been trying out with several participants. Most of the conferences have been with 2 or 3 participants on my home LAN and then one or two remote participants.

I’m using Firefox version 71 or 72 on Linux. It works well!

However, it seems like when I have several participants on my LAN, at least one of them will be frozen video (audio usually works). This seems specific to having a couple different participants on my LAN. Doing a wireshark I see that UDP packets are going to and fro via ipv4, which makes me suspect NAT. However, all participants on my LAN and remotely have working IPv6. Why is media going via IPv4? I hate IPv4!

Does anyone else have experience with this video freezing issue and have suggestions about why it happens? Are there suggestions to force IPv6 without turning off ipv4 for the entire device?

Also, last but not least, my network uses a squid proxy which has ipv4 and ipv6 available. Everything works through the proxy, except for this multi-users with ~ 1 user frozen issue.

Thanks for great software!

HI there and welcome to our community!

NAT shouldn’t be a problem since the communication with 3 participants is going to go through a server, which is outside of your LAN.

You were using Firefox, which we don’t support as good as Chrome at the moment, so I’d suggest you give Chrome a try.

We are currently working on making it work great again.

@saghul, Unfortunately chrome is right out, as I consider it spyware and don’t install it on any of my machines… :confused:

is this a known Firefox related issue or something you are just guessing might be browser based issue? my concern with NAT is that with several internal machines, somehow the server gets confused and one of the video streams doesn’t arrive at a participant machine or something similar.

is there a way to force ipv6?

Yes it is known. We cannot do simulcast, which means there will be mucch more video traffic flowing, which may result in what you see.

Believe me, that’s not the problem.

I have gigabit fiberoptic internet, these streams don’t even come close to 10% of my internet capacity… though perhaps they exceed the allowed server capacity?

Ok! well I will maybe consider doing chromium which doesn’t have the google surveillance if I need to do multi-conferences as a stopgap until you guys are able to make Firefox work better! thanks for your reply!

Our servers can handle that load no problem. There are more factors than your available bandwidth: CPU usage on the client, your AP if ussing WiFi, etc.

Thanks! Yeah, let us know if you give Chromium a try and experience the same results.

I will try a few more cases and see what happens. I don’t think this is a resource issue. all were wired. and tests with the same number of devices but only one within my LAN worked fine. it seems to be specific to whether several sources originate within my lan which is why I fear NAT.

in fact I did a test on wifi with my laptop and 3 other external sources and it worked fine. but 3 wired internal sources and one external consistently produces freezes

so I haven’t been experiencing the same issues either on Firefox or on chromium. however I did experience an issue where a laptop overheated using Firefox and throttled it’s CPU causing jerky video and garbled audio. Chromium does seem to work best. hoping new improvements to compatibility for Firefox will land soon.

thanks for the help