Multiple parallel calls on one device

I’m looking to use Jitsi to make a surveillance type app. Essentially the surveillance watcher is to get 6 different feeds to monitor on his device. The 6 feeds will come from 6 different phones. Can this be done in Jitsi?

You can certainly host a meeting with 7 participants, with 6 active video streams, corresponding to the 6 feeds for the phones. The surveillance watcher (no video sent) will be able to see all the participants (feeds).

Thanks for the response - let me make myself more clear.

Since its surveillance - I don’t want the other feeds to see each other so actually want 6 parallel calls - is that doable?

It’s doable, you don’t need 6 calls. You’d just need to configure the 6 participants (phones) to join as hidden participants. The moderator (surveillance watcher) will be able to see all 6 of them, but they won’t be able to see each other.

Thanks again…

Now if we want another watcher (the surveillance guy’s client) to join a particular stream can we enable that? Or do we need 6 parallel calls?

Is there a restriction in 6 parallel calls on one device just for my understanding?

Hi - just checking if there’s a solution to this use case? Thanks!