Multiple Moderators

Hello guys!
Firstly, thank you for your hard work!

I would like to ask is there a way to have multiple moderators in a conference? Maybe a current moderator could have a way to grant moderator right to other connected user?

Without this now we having lots of issues, when other users connect before the intended moderator, and so on.

Also, I still don’t understand the algorithm in which moderator rights are granted when current moderator leaves/disconnects? I thought it was by the queue/time that users have connected, but apparently it’s not true. So is it random then?

How could I avoid/fix these issues?

Thanks you guys!

I’m sure that you could add kick ability to everyone, but over than this I don’t know how to swap moderator or if it’s possible.

As far as I understood from the code… user list should work basing on first access to the room, so if you’re the first, you’ll be the moderator with num 1 next will be 2, 3 and so on, so if 2 leaves and join back after more than 10 seconds, will become the last one

Let’s make a sample with 4 users in order of join Alan Brian Charles Daniel

  • Alan join and become moderator
  • Biran Join
  • Charles Join
  • Daniel join

event A

  • Brian loose connection and join back after 5 seconds
  • Alan disconnect himself
  • Brian become moderator

event B

  • Brian loose connection and join back after 20 seconds
  • Alan disconnect himself
  • Charles become moderator

I would need some actuall solution on how to enable few moderators in 1 conference chat… :slight_smile:

Then you can’t with jitsi on how it’s made, you should edit the source code and make an implementation