Multiple moderators in a video conference

Hello everyone,
I want multiple moderators in a video conference for kick out and recording rights. In everyone has kick out rights. When I used domain it worked fine as I’ve disallowed kick out, recording feature for users according to their role. On my custom server only one moderator is allowed that too after refresh all rights are vanished because after refresh the user is no more moderator.
Can anyone help me out to install or let my custom server work same as does.
Thank you.

You need to enable all moderators:
And to make kick work apply by hand this patch:

@ damencho

This 2 file are already in the plugins folder. How do you enable it?

@damencho We can enable all moderators by “muc_allowners” in the config file, but what about kick out patch?
How can we make that patch work even after keeping muc_owner_allow_kick.patch at desired directory, or it has any special directory to place.

You just need to edit the prosody code, basically patch it by hand, checkout the file content it is editing two lines