Multiple Jicofo instances with same video bridges

Is it possible to connect multiple jicofo instances to same JVB’s ?
If yes, What are the pros and cons of doing it in terms of HA and Load Balancing?

AFAIK, that wasn’t possible in October.

We were able to connect just 1 Jicofo to the same shard. We even cheated the “ID” to get both instances run under the same ID, but no matter how we killed the one handling the meetings, users got reloaded when the active Jicofo was removed.

Maybe @Saghul has some better idea on how to achieve this. I’ve asked a coder to check if it would be possible to decouple Jicofo and keep it’s state on Redis, so, it would be possible to have a pool of Jicofos working altogether on the same domain. Sort of:


AFAIK, Prosody can’t be clustered, but you could use some external storage rather than “none” or “memory” and it should be able to survive a reload without much problems. In any case, scalability has a limit, as Prosody is single-threaded.

Jicofo probably needs a remake like the one I was pointing out. @Saghul, is something like that under way or in some whiteboard? I’d love to give some help :slight_smile:

Moltes gràcies!


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