Multiple issues in hosted instance


Hello all !

  We're having multiple issues in our hosted instances of Jitsi meet, so today I'm calling for your help !

  After a lot of tests in instance and our instances, we noticed some behavior differences.

  The connectivity seems to be the same (like same video/audio quality, bitrate etc...), but the main issue is that we're having intempestive deconnections with the message 'Something went wrong' when we start the conference (the 1st time and randomly after).

  Also it seems like in, when there is a connection drop, Jitsi auto adapt the quality or cut the video but when the network is back, Jitsi readapt the quality. In our hosted instances, I feel like when the network is back, Jitsi never re-enable the video.

  I can provide you some logs if needed for sure. Also, if a paid intervention on our server is an option, let me know.

Thanks a lot !


When ‘Something went wrong’ happens can you share the js console logs to be able to identify the problem?

About the adapting, I’m not sure what to advise you. Not sure what can be the difference, except the network and the machines we run jvb. Those are vms with ubuntu and jvb installed. Are you doing similar setup or are you are using something else like some container?

One thing you can check whether the OS buffers are set correctly for example(