Multiple isolated jitsi instances on one machine

I want to make my multi domain jitsi installation on one machine.
jcfischer said they achieved “Pool of shared video-bridges (all front end instances share the same pool of videobridges) using the new MUC feature” - Working Multi Jitsi-meet / multi Videobridge setup
But i can’t find what that MUC feature is.
Followed really old advice from way back 2015:
[jitsi-dev] how to configure multiply jitsi-meet conferences on one server
I’ve got 2 jicofo instances with different domains, also second nginx subdomain with different config.js.
I can get to work my second domain when i’ll change "bridge: " in config.js JVB_HOSTNAME in /etc/jitsi/videobridge and add “Component” to prosody config, but then the first domain gets the error.

The error in jicofo is: SEVERE: Can not invite participant – no bridge available.
and WARNING: Failed to select initial bridge for participantRegion=null
The error in console is: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.videobridgeNotAvailable
Problem is, logs don’t even show anything useful. I need help where to look, but if you really want them:
JVB logs:
JVB config:
Jicofo logs:
Jicofo config: --host=localhost --secret=secret --user_name=focus --user_password=password
Jitsi config.js: only added focus: ‘’, bridge: ‘’
Prosody logs:
Prosody config(both domains):
Thanks for any help in advance.

Please Help us in setting up Pool of Videobridges that can be shared among other domains.

for example i want to make a pool of 4 videobridges and 3 domains,, and anydomain .example .com.
I want to create the architecture in a way so that i can use same pool of videobridges among n number of frontends.

I have checked architecture but they say they are sharing same pool of video bridges among all their frontends, but i don’t know how they achieved this.

As far as i know, JVB can connect to only 1 XMPP/prosody server. Then how we can share pool of videobridges among multiple jitsi meet frontends?

Please help @jcfischer.


Hi, we’re struggling with exactly with your predicament. Did you successfully connect the pool of domains with the pool of jvbs?

Is there any other thread that can help us on this?

Unfortunately i did not succeed. If you want to go further in this i recommend going through this repository and finding the right spot where its implemented. If you find it - hope you will share it with the community.